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I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about the difference you are about to make in your life! If you're reading this letter, you have likely seen the Freedom Spring System on television, or heard about it on the radio or one of my seminars. If so, then you already know how incredible the Freedom Spring System is and the amazing results you can achieve within just a few minutes a day.

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You've probably already heard that the Freedom Spring has helped many people achieve incredible results and reach their fitness goals, even when all other attempts have failed.

You've probably also heard that people are watching the pounds fall off and seeing their health problems disappear forever, after using the Freedom Spring System for just a few short weeks.

You've likely read that using the Freedom Spring is simple, fun and doesn't hurt a bit!

However, you may not have heard the whole story yet. I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal journey with you, and let you see just how much the Freedom Spring has changed my life.

Dr. Rota's Story
and How The Freedom Spring System
Helped Change His Life, His Health, and His Physique

As a practicing dentist for 40 years, I suffered chronic back pain and leg cramps, due to the necessity of bending over patients, and exerting physical and mental stress. Not only did I develop leg and back disorders from my physical work with patients, but the biggest hazard of my profession was my constant contact with mercury vapor, from the second most deadly metal on the face of the earth, next to radioactive plutonium!

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with:

      • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      • Emotional Burn Out
      • Depression
      • Epstein-Barr Syndrome, just to mention a few

My muscles ached, my short-term memory was affected, I had ringing in my ears, and I could not sleep. The doctors prescribed more drugs but they only temporarily dealt with the symptoms, not the cause. Also, the drugs had undesirable after effects.

I was facing the end of my dentistry career, which is very stressful, as you can well imagine. I had always been physically fit and regularly included weight training and jogging into my regular routine, but I became too tired to continue. I got sicker and sicker.

Finally, I came in contact with a physician who diagnosed me with mercury toxicity. He said that this might have been a major cause for many of the symptoms that I had been experiencing. He suggested a program that no longer just treated the symptoms but began to deal with the cause. Thus began my investigation into correct health practices, which included proper diet, cleansing therapies, and the use of the Freedom Spring, which facilitated the release of the poisons from my body's lymphatic system.

For more than twenty years, I have studied both the natural method using certain foods along with substances, known as chelating agents, to detoxify the body. I discovered that mercury, as an example, is very difficult to diagnose and treat because it resides in the cells of certain tissues and is not ordinarily found in blood or urine, which are the common laboratory tests prescribed by most physicians.

I also found out that most of the toxins, when dislodged from inside certain cells, will be released in our daily eliminations, and a smaller amount in our urinations and sweat. Well, I had always been constipated and too tired to work up a sweat and was not a great fan of drinking water. It became apparent why I got sicker and sicker. I was not releasing the toxins fast enough and was continuing to take more into my body. Also, mercury has a thirty-year half-life in the body, so the mercury that I had absorbed thirty years ago was still half present. This new information was enlightening, but I knew it also held difficult consequences for me at the same time.

Much of the toxins will reside or pass through the lymphatic system. This system has no pump so it relies on body movement to transport the toxins out of the cells and bring the nutrients into the cells. Thus, I found that of all the exercises, bouncing or jumping on a mini trampoline, greatly facilitated this circulation. Thus, a small trampoline or rebounder was introduced into my life.


Slowly, after months of dieting and cleansing the body, which included the rebounder, I began to get better. A special laboratory test administrated by my physician showed that I was losing those life-threatening toxins. I was feeling better each day, and I also knew that when I did not bounce on the rebounder, I did not feel as well. I could only take so much time out during the day, so I modified the circular rebounder and changed it to a trapezoidal shape, adding more jumping surface area and flexibility to my program. I added a bar in my closet doorway so that I could exercise and develop my upper body while I bounced on the rebounder. I further modified the system, and behold, the birth of the Freedom Spring System!

I could finally lead a normal life!

Many of my patients noticed the transformation and questioned the reason for my success. I shared my program with them and they, too, began to use my practices to improve their health. Now, at the age of 70, I feel the healthiest and most energetic I have ever been since I was a young man! I am a gold medalist in the Senior Olympics, and I take great pleasure in sharing my good fortune with you.

Dr. James Rota


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