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The Freedom Spring Is The Newest and Most Effective Way to Have Fun, Lose Weight, and Bouncercise Your Way To Health

Regain your Strength and Mobility with No Effort,
No Heavy Lifting, and No Exertion!

If you've suffered any kind of injury, you know how difficult it can be to work with any kind of exercise equipment safely and without causing additional pain. The Freedom Spring is now available to help you achive your physical rehabilitation goals, without causing any kind of strain or pain! Here's why...

  • With the Freedom Spring, you can do aerobics, with almost any kind of pre-existing injury or disability!
  • The soft bouncing motion increases your circulation and helps your heart pump faster without any pain or difficult exertion!
  • You'll experience increased flexibility in your chest wall, due to the consistent and easy movement of the muscles in your torso.
  • Most people who use the Freedom Spring find that they have lower blood pressure and resting heart rate than ever before!

“I’ve never perspired, like never. And, I had a stroke. Let me tell you that I am able to get on the Freedom Spring and actually get my heart rate up. That’s the first experience that I’ve had since I had the stroke (16 years ago) of being able to do some kind of exercise that would get my heart rate up and hopefully lose inches and pounds, or whatever. It’s easy for me to get on it, even though I have a disability – you know I have a left-sided paralysis. I can’t walk fast enough, you see, because of my disability. I am unable to walk fast enough to bring any kind of perspiration or whatever. Forget it. I am just unable to.” Norma W., Stroke Victim

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Watch Norma do her daily exercise. 

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Bouncercise is ideal for Disabled Persons

Persons of all physical abilities can Bouncercise. With the suspended stabilizing bar, a person that has difficulty standing is able to hold onto the bar and bounce, which will increase their heart rate. For people who are confined to wheelchairs, they may sit on the Bouncerciser and have someone stand behind them on the mat and bounce them up and down. The overhead strength training system may also be installed at a lower level, so they may be bounced and work their upper body muscles at the same time. Bouncercise offers increased circulation, even for the most immobilized persons.

We are never too old or too disabled to exercise. Contrary to traditional thinking, regular exercise actually helps, not hurts. We can hurt ourselves more by inactivity than by over activity. It is my hope to be part of bringing improved health to those who find exercise a challenging or inaccessible part of their life.

The Freedom Spring is the best form of exercise for arthritis sufferers too!

"Unfortunately, many arthritis sufferers mistakenly believe that exercise will worsen their condition," said Dr. Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist for ACE. (Arthritis Council on Exercise) "The reality, however, is that a well-rounded physical activity program of stretching, strength training and aerobic exercise can help minimize many of the adverse affects of arthritis and improve overall functional capacity."

Bouncercise provides an attractive solution to this problem for arthritis sufferers. The American Council on Exercise offers the following 10 reasons for arthritis sufferers to start an exercise program.

1. Flexibility training helps improve range of motion and reduces stiffness in afflicted joints, particularly the early-morning stiffness often associated with arthritis.

2. Aerobic exercise, particularly low-impact activities such as walking, not only improves overall fitness, but also helps reduce the psychological and emotional pain that often accompanies arthritis.

3. Strength training exercises help build muscle strength, enhance joint stability, and improve mobility, making it easier to perform the activities of daily living.

4. Weight-bearing (e.g., walking) or weight-loading (e.g., strength training) exercise positively affect bone mass, helping to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease that is often seen in people with arthritis due to their reduced levels of physical activity.

5. Arthritis can negatively affect posture, balance and coordination, all of which may be improved by regular exercise.

6. Excess weight (especially in the form of extra body fat) places additional strain on the joints so maintaining a healthy body weight is very important for individuals with arthritis. Along with a sensible diet, exercise plays a key role in helping individuals maintain normal body weight levels.

7. Exercise has been shown to help manage stress, which can take its toll on the whole body, including the joints.

8. Because it is a chronic degenerative disease, people with arthritis often become depressed and develop a poor self-image. People who exercise, however, are less likely to be depressed and tend to possess more positive mental outlooks.

9. Painful joints can make getting a good night¹s sleep difficult, if not impossible. Regular exercise has been shown to improve overall sleep patterns and may help lessen this problem.

10. Because arthritis frequently leads to a more sedentary lifestyle, individuals with this condition are often at an increased risk of developing other significant health problems, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Staying active and exercising regularly is an effective means of not only controlling the affects of arthritis, but also of minimizing or eliminating the risk of developing a variety of other lifestyle-related diseases.


  • Improves Circulation!

  • Exercises Every Cell in your body!

  • Increases the Capacity of Heart and Lungs Lowers Cholesterol Levels!

  • Improves Co-ordination and Balance!

  • Is low impact exercise at its best!

  • Improves Muscle Tone and Effortlessly Works All Muscle Groups in the body!

  • Increases energy and vitality!

  • Boosts the Lymphatic and Immune System!

  • Detoxifies Every Cell in your body

  • Increases Weight Loss

  • Is Safe for Seniors

  • Is the most Efficient form of exercise - Bouncercising is at least 68% more effective than running

  • Saves Time

  • Most importantly, Bouncercise is FUN! - its the exercise system you'll actually use!

From the Desk of Dr. James Rota

Click to listen to an audio
greeting from Dr. Rota

Friends, I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about the difference you are about to make in your life! If you're reading this letter, you have likely seen the Freedom Spring System on television, or heard about it on the radio or one of my seminars. If so, then you already know how incredible the Freedom Spring System is and the amazing results you can achieve within just a few minutes a day.

(Click here to see the Freedom Spring in Action!)

You've probably already heard that the Freedom Spring has helped many people achieve incredible results and reach their fitness goals, even when all other attempts have failed.

You've probably also heard that people are watching the pounds fall off and seeing their health problems disappear forever, after using the Freedom Spring System for just a few short weeks.

You've likely read that using the Freedom Spring is simple, fun and doesn't hurt a bit!

However, you may not have heard the whole story yet. I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal journey with you, and let you see just how much the Freedom Spring has changed my life.

Dr. Rota's Story
and How The Freedom Spring System
Helped Change His Life, His Health, and His Physique

As a practicing dentist for 40 years, I suffered chronic back pain and leg cramps, due to the necessity of bending over patients, and exerting physical and mental stress. Not only did I develop leg and back disorders from my physical work with patients, but the biggest hazard of my profession was my constant contact with mercury vapor, from the second most deadly metal on the face of the earth, next to radioactive plutonium!

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with:

              • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
              • Emotional Burn Out
              • Depression
              • Epstein-Barr Syndrome, just to mention a few.

My muscles ached, my short-term memory was affected, I had ringing in my ears, and I could not sleep. The doctors prescribed more drugs but they only temporarily dealt with the symptoms, not the cause. Also, the drugs had undesirable after effects.

I was facing the end of my dentistry career, which is very stressful, as you can well imagine. I had always been physically fit and regularly included weight training and jogging into my regular routine, but I became too tired to continue. I got sicker and sicker.

Finally, I came in contact with a physician who diagnosed me with mercury toxicity. He said that this might have been a major cause for many of the symptoms that I had been experiencing. He suggested a program that no longer just treated the symptoms but began to deal with the cause. Thus began my investigation into correct health practices, which included proper diet, cleansing therapies, and the use of the Freedom Spring, which facilitated the release of the poisons from my body's lymphatic system.

For more than twenty years, I have studied both the natural method using certain foods along with substances, known as chelating agents, to detoxify the body. I discovered that mercury, as an example, is very difficult to diagnose and treat because it resides in the cells of certain tissues and is not ordinarily found in blood or urine, which are the common laboratory tests prescribed by most physicians.

I also found out that most of the toxins, when dislodged from inside certain cells, will be released in our daily eliminations, and a smaller amount in our urinations and sweat. Well, I had always been constipated and too tired to work up a sweat and was not a great fan of drinking water. It became apparent why I got sicker and sicker. I was not releasing the toxins fast enough and was continuing to take more into my body. Also, mercury has a thirty-year half-life in the body, so the mercury that I had absorbed thirty years ago was still half present. This new information was enlightening, but I knew it also held difficult consequences for me at the same time.

Much of the toxins will reside or pass through the lymphatic system. This system has no pump so it relies on body movement to transport the toxins out of the cells and bring the nutrients into the cells. Thus, I found that of all the exercises, bouncing or jumping on a mini trampoline, greatly facilitated this circulation. Thus, a small trampoline or rebounder was introduced into my life.


Slowly, after months of dieting and cleansing the body, which included the rebounder, I began to get better. A special laboratory test administrated by my physician showed that I was losing those life-threatening toxins. I was feeling better each day, and I also knew that when I did not bounce on the rebounder, I did not feel as well. I could only take so much time out during the day, so I modified the circular rebounder and changed it to a trapezoidal shape, adding more jumping surface area and flexibility to my program. I added a bar in my closet doorway so that I could exercise and develop my upper body while I bounced on the rebounder. I further modified the system, and behold, the birth of the Freedom Spring System!

Within six months, all of my symptoms were relieved,
and I could finally lead a normal life!

Many of my patients noticed the transformation and questioned the reason for my success. I shared my program with them and they, too, began to use my practices to improve their health. Now, at the age of 70, I feel the healthiest and most energetic I have ever been since I was a young man! I am a gold medalist in the Senior Olympics, and I take great pleasure in sharing my good fortune with you.

Can The Freedom Spring System Help Me?

Many people ask if the Freedom Spring will help them, and my answer is usually the same...Yes, it will! It doesn't matter how old you are, or what your fitness level is, the Freedom Spring will help you regain health you never thought you had, lose weight faster than you ever thought possible, and give you the opportunity to experience an exciting boost of energy every day!

  • The Freedom Spring is FUN, FUN, FUN!
    One of the things that many people have shared with me when using the system is that it is fun, which I believe is very important. The more you enjoy exercising, the easier it will be to include this gift to your body on a regular basis. I recommend that you include motivational music, such as the Freedom Spring Classics or your favorite music. Music will greatly enhance your work out, and the time will go by very quickly.

  • It's easy on the muscles! Let the Bounce work FOR you!
    The nice thing about the Bouncercise Series is that you don't have to move the upper body resistance cords excessively. While you are bouncing, the muscles are stimulated and massaged into healthy conditioning. We recommend you move slowly at first and let the bounce do the work for you. Proceed gradually and add a few minutes more each day.

    The Freedom Spring System also allows you to be creative in your workout. After you have become familiar with the suggested Bouncercise Series, develop your own routine. Remember, you don't have to pump rapidly to gain improved strength and tone. Visualize the group of muscles being massaged by the bouncing action of the rebounder and lean into the move to increase the tension on the set of muscles you are exercising.

    The Bouncercise Series employs a series of slow, progressive movements with the resistance cords, when used while bouncing, facilitates a freeing up of the tight or frozen muscles around any particular joint. The massaging up-and-down action stimulates the lymphatic system around the tight or painful area, stimulating a release of toxins and digestive byproducts and the acceptance of new, rebuilding nutrients. The Freedom Spring System promotes a type of exercise that gives us greater flexibility by freeing our tight, tired muscles, especially our neck and back group that may cause tension on the head and jaw.

    I am truly excited about the possibilities that our system may offer you, not only to help you keep physically fit, but you will develop a more proactive life behavior that will assist you in releasing the toxins that contribute to the aging and the disease process.

    More and more, science is relating our ill-health to the toxins that we are in contact with on a daily basis, from the fillings in our teeth to the chemicals that are increasingly being used in our everyday life, along with the toxins that are produced in our body as a result of inactivity. Insufficient oxygen with our food digestive process causes the food not to process completely and the resultant production of destructive waste products that will greatly affect our entire body, form indigestion to constipation from arthritis to osteoporosis. If a car does not get enough air in the carburetor, the gas does not burn completely and byproducts of incomplete combustion clog up the engine and dark smoke is emitted from the tail pipe. This is similar to what happens in our body, but we call it incomplete metabolism.

    Fitness experts all agree that the components of staying fit, active and healthy are strength, flexibility, and endurance. Bouncercise addresses all of these ingredients in one method of exercise. Bouncercise is safe, simple, reliable, habit forming, time efficient, and fun - that’s right, Bouncercise is fun. The fact that it is enjoyable is important. When you enjoy something, don’t you usually want to do it again?

  • In the 2003 Trends Report, CNN claims: “This month alone, over 1 million Americans will join a health club, however, after only after 2 month’s time, approximately 75% won’t return again during their memberships.” Health clubs rely on that statistic.
    Imagine, what would happen to health clubs if everyone actually showed up? Isn’t anyone having fun?

Television advertising and health clubs are filled with so-called total-body programs, which include large bulky equipment. These will only exercising the larger, more aesthetic muscles. They fail to address the smaller muscles, as in the muscle of the eyes, the tiny muscles of inner ear dealing with balance, muscles that support our internal organs dealing with digestion and elimination. Bouncercise addresses every muscle in our body.
This is the magic and beauty of Bouncercise.

Bouncercise combines the benefits of rebounding, aerobics, and strength training. Bouncercise takes rebounding to the next level. Not only does Bouncercise offer the well-documented benefits of rebounding, but synergistically it adds body strength training with stability. Muscles that are often ignored through conventional exercises start receiving the benefit of stimulation and circulation.

  • Low Impact
    Because Bouncercise is performed on a type of mini-trampoline with an elevated mat and springs, the surface absorbs the impact of the movement of the body. As we get older, our joints are not as forgiving, and the low-impact benefit is a key ingredient in maintaining flexibility in our joints and muscles. A study conducted at the University of Utah analyzed impact loads of mini-trampolines and a wooden board track. The study indicated that the person on the mini-trampoline experienced 1/6th of the impact force than that of the wooden board track. Our joints will endure 84% less shock if we exercise on a Bouncerciser.

  • Aerobic/Endurance Exercise
    Aerobic exercise is a form of activity that elevates your heart rate through sustained exercise. Your heart will become a stronger pump, which usually results in a lower heart rate. Your blood vessels will increase in number and size, resulting in lowering blood pressure. Bouncercise allows you to achieve an aerobic state, which is a vital component of physical fitness. Bouncercise expands the capacity for fuel storage, resulting in extra endurance.

    Many people achieve their aerobic workout by way of jogging or treadmills. However, a study performed by scientists at NASA found bouncing in a mini-trampoline to be 68% more efficient than jogging.

    …for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical
    stimuli is greater with jumping on a rebounder trampoline than with running

    - N.A.S.A., Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887

  • Strengthens Bones and Muscles
    Bouncercise stimulates and activates the muscles to build bone mass. The acceleration, deceleration, and gravity create a positive bone stress, resulting in higher bone density. Also, as the body bounces, the cell adjusts to these forces, making the cell wall thicker and stronger.

  • No Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness
    Because of the continual stimulation of the up and down action of the Bouncerciser, the circulation that is provided results in less painful muscles due to the avoidance of buildup of the painful toxic byproducts of exercise, lactic acid as an example.

  • Even Tiny Muscles get a Workout
    Another feature of Bouncercising on the Freedom Spring System, is that it exercises the very small muscles located through out the body, that are often ignored through conventional exercises, which mostly deals with the larger, more aesthetic muscles.

    Many tiny muscles of our body may have a significant influence on our health, such as those found in the inner ear dealing with Balance; the muscles that support our intestines which have to do with our daily eliminations, are greatly benefited by Bouncercise; and the tiny muscles of our eyes.

  • Prevents Osteoporosis
    According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, “Exercises that force you to work against gravity – so called weight bearing exercises … are beneficial.” Bouncercise also has the advantage of being low-impact while building bone mass. I have been Bouncercising for 24 years, and now at age 70, the physicians have told me that my bones have the density of a 40-year-old.

  • Stability with Flexibility
    Bouncercise takes rebounding to the next level. Not only does Bouncercise offer the well-documented benefits of rebounding, but synergistically it adds body strength training with stability with flexibility. Sounds a little like an oxymoron? Well, it is a fact. One of the beauties of strength training with Bouncercise using the Freedom Spring System is that it provides the ability to develop a more flexible muscle because of the wide range of motion provided by the resistance cords in strength training movements. We can develop a dense, flexible muscle, made up of more cells (hyperplasia) verses larger cells (hypertrophy).

  • Ideal for the Training Athlete
    Most athletes seek to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance to achieve maximum conditioning in their field of endeavor, whether they are the weekend golfer or the training Olympian. Can you think of an exercise that would provide all of these? You’re right, Bouncercise. Yet, most athletes rely on lifting weights to get their strength, which is extremely damaging to the joints, and they will pay the price as they get older. Weights pump up their muscles, hypertrophy, but fail to get more cells (hypertrophy), which results in a more flexible muscle.

  • Improve Balance and Coordination
    Bouncercise stimulates the tiny muscles of the vestibular system, which manages the body’s balance and coordination. In only a minute of bouncing, your vestibular system is stimulated approximately 100 times, having a cumulative effect. Bouncercise also facilitates release of the toxic buildup and congestion in the middle ear, responsible for equilibrium and balance as well as training the brain to develop muscular balance and coordination.

  • Increase Circulation and Cardiovascular Strength
    Bouncercise increases circulation and cardiovascular strength by releasing the toxic buildup in the vessels of circulation system and provides more life-giving oxygen to the muscles of the heart, thereby strengthening the cardiovascular muscles. One of the major contributors to aging and destruction of cells is the lack of oxygen. The aerobic component of Bouncercise brings oxygen to your circulatory system and distributes it throughout the body.

  • John A. Friedrich, M.D., of Duke University, writing in the Journal of Physical Education, says that moving the muscles, especially the large leg muscles (as done in Bouncercise), aids blood circulation exceedingly. Dr. Friedrich stated:
    “the combination of the large leg muscles massaging the blood back to the heart along with the effect of diaphragmatic action very significantly enhances the total circulatory efficiency, and in the process, minimizes the stress put on the heart, inasmuch as the leg muscles and diaphragm act as auxiliary hearts by assisting in blood flow.”

  • Stimulates the Lymphatic System

    The lymphatic system produces and stores cells that fight infection (lymphatic cells) as well as the channels that carry lymph. It runs parallel with the veins and arteries, but unlike the circulatory system, it has no pump. The lymphatic system relies on body movement to open and close the one-way valves to carry lymphatic cells through the channels.

    In discussing the importance of the lymphatic system, Dr. C. Samuel West, Lymphologist and author of “The Golden Seven Plus One,” states:

    “The tissues of the body, which comprise bones, flesh and organs, excrete waste products as a result of their daily work. These must be quickly removed, or the tissues involved will suffer damage.”

    When the lymphatic system is congested, the cells become deprived of oxygen, affecting the body’s ability to rid itself of its own waste material. Over time, other body systems that rely on the lymphatic system for waste removal will also become compromised, setting the stage for pain and disease.

    Bouncercise activates the lymphatic system, increasing lymphocytes that will eat away diseased cells. Just a few minutes of Bouncercising may increase lymph flow as much as fifteen times.

    If I chose the most important benefit of Bouncercise, this would be it.
    Disease does not like oxygen, and it has difficulty existing
    in a stimulated lymphatic system.

  • Improves the Immune System

    The immune system is a complex organization of organs--highly specialized cells and even a circulatory system separate from blood vessels--all of which work together to clear foreign invaders the likes of bacteria, viruses, and toxins from the body.

    The organs of the immune system, positioned throughout the body, are called lymphoid organs. The word "lymph" in Greek means a pure, clear stream--an appropriate description considering its appearance and purpose. The circulation of the lymphatic cells is through a network of ducts or tubs that have no pump as the blood system relies on the heart for circulation it vital fluid. This system requires movement or massage to transfer the defense cells to various areas of the body.

    When the immune system is chronically responding to toxins, such as the mercury in our teeth, it does not always have the fortitude to deal with these agents on a day-to-day basis. For example, we may already have a cold virus in our body, but our immune system had stopped it from taking over. It is when our immune system is weakened that the cold virus is then allowed to thrive. The immune system responds to attitude. Even smiling stimulates the thymus gland, which is part of the immune system, sending out an army of T cells to the various white blood cell manufacturing sites in the body to respond to the irritation, be it a toxin, bacteria, or virus.

  • Removes Trapped Blood Proteins
    Removes trapped blood proteins from around the cells where they hold fluid and can cause pain and disease.

  • Addresses Arthritis
    Bouncercise increases circulation around the joints and facilitates the release of the bone-dissolving acid byproducts of incomplete metabolism resulting in lack of oxygen due to inactivity.

  • Increases Metabolism
    Bouncercise improves the efficiency of metabolism by increasing the amount of oxygen to every cell in our body thereby facilitating the release of toxic buildup and improves nutrients in the cells. Also strength training accompanied by aerobic exercise will increase lean muscle mass, which will also increase metabolism. According to a study conducted by renowned fitness expert and researcher, Dr. Wayne Westcott, weight loss is up to three times more effective when aerobics is combined with strength training.

  • Builds Lean Muscle Mass
    Bouncercise improves the development of lean body mass by improving metabolism thereby reducing fat buildup and improving the development of muscle fibers

  • Reduce Cellulite
    Reduce cellulite through enhanced lymphatic stimulation - Bouncercise decreases cellulite by increasing circulation of the muscles and the release of toxic fat buildup. Strength training accompanied by aerobic exercise, the body will increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat.

  • “Relieve” Your Constipation Issues

    Bouncercising facilitates the peristaltic movement of the large intestines responsible for healthy eliminations. The bouncing movement stimulates circulation in the digestive tract. Don’t be surprised if your Bouncercise workout gets interrupted.

    Susan, one of my patients, who had chronic constipation issues, quietly shared with me that after her first Bouncercise workout; she experienced the biggest bowel movement of her life. Those aren’t her exact words, but the idea is there.

  • Strengthens Bladder Muscles
    Conventional exercise will not address the smaller, more obscure muscles in the body. Bouncercise strengthens the cells of the sphincter muscles, building increased bladder control within approximately two to four weeks.

  • Improves Vision

    The eye is a muscle. All muscles experience stimulation during Bouncercise, which supplies an environment where the perceptual system matures at a more rapid rate. Bouncing lends rhythm to the brain, which allows the eye some externally generated rhythm to rely on and then become more coordination.

    My vision is greatly strained by the practice of dentistry, and I have often noticed that my vision seems clearer after Bouncercising. Part of the magic of Bouncercise is that different systems in the body are put into a mode of rhythmic environment adaptation. It is that adjustment that sharpens and exercises the system being impacted. Hence, vision, balance, coordination will all be positively affected.

What Makes The Freedom Spring Different From
Every Other Piece Of Exercise Equipment?

How Not to Buy a $2,000 Clothes Hanger

Choosing exercise equipment is a very important decision. You are making choices about your health, how you spend your time, and how you spend your money.Health, time and money are issues that are on all of our minds on a daily basis.

Simply because you are considering purchasing fitness equipment for use in your home, it can be assumed that you have a goal of becoming physically fit. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for making your health a priority—one that deserves careful consideration in how you achieve optimum health and results.

In a recent survey, 100% of all personal fitness trainers, said that for any physical fitness program to be effective, it must incorporate all three components of physical fitness: Endurance, Strength Training, and Flexibility Training.

Click here to receive a FREE Report on
How to Buy Exercise Equipment

Take a moment to review the comparison chart for the most common exercise equipment, to help you evaluate getting the most value for your dollar and exercise time.

Stationary Bike
Total Gym 2000
Bowflex Xtreme
Freedom Spring
Strength Training
Enhanced Cellular Detoxification
Low Impact
All Muscle Groups
No Muscle Soreness
Simple to Use
Easy to Store
Easy to Set Up & Install
Requires No Electricity
No Cell Damage during use
Safe/Effective for Seniors
FUN - Never boring
Work Multiple Muscle Groups Simultaneously
Exercise Full Range of Motion for Upper Body Muscles
Time Needed for Effective Total Body Workout

30 Min

*Only Offers Limited Workout

20 Min

*Only Offers Limited Workout

20 Min

*Only Offers Limited Workout

30 Min

*Only Offers Limited Workout

30 Min

*Only Offers Limited Workout

20 Min


Total Equipment Weight
180-300 lbs.
90 lbs.
100 lbs.
100 lbs.
100 lbs.
35 lbs.
Space Requirements
20 sq. ft.
15 sq. ft.
15 sq. ft.
30 sq. ft.
30 sq. ft.
9 sq. ft.

As the founder of American Bio-Compatible Health Systems, Inc., I personally have strived to produce the highest quality rebounder on the market today. You will appreciate the difference in comparison with the typical rebounder and the quality and importance of the soft bounce.

There's a lot of difference between the Freedom Spring
and any other rebounder you've seen!

The first difference is in the trapezoidal shape

We chose a Bouncerciser in the shape of a trapezoid because during the development phase, it was found that this shape would be the most functional in consideration with the overhead system. A circular shape was too confining, as one felt they had to stay in the middle of the mat. With the trapezoidal shape, it would fit better alongside a door or wall, and since the suspended bar and resistance cords opened up a variety of movements, the surface of the Bouncerciser had to accommodate the new exercises. Also, geometrically speaking, a trapezoid offers a larger jumping area than the circular rebounders already on the market. It gave us an opportunity to move about the mat with various leg positions.


The Overhead Strength Training and Stabilization System
...completely different from anything on the market today!

The overhead stabilizing and resistance system synergistically designed with the Bouncerciser is what sets Bouncercise apart from all other exercise methods. Rebounding by itself is not available to everyone. It seems like it is best suited for people that feel confident enough to bounce in an unsupported manner. It is unlikely that an 84 year old woman with a balance problem would ever go near a rebounder by itself - or a stroke victim with a left-side paralysis could not accomplish 30 minutes of aerobics daily on just a rebounder. Bouncercise makes rebounding available to everyone.

The Overhead Strength Training and Stabilization System consists of a bar that remains stationary in a doorway, from which a second bar is suspended with adjustable straps for the purpose of stabilization and use in various exercises. Also suspended from the stationary bar are three sets of resistance cords with hand grips, in varying degrees of strength.

We placed easy-to-open clamps on the resistance cords to be easily attached to the overhead system or to the Bouncerciser itself. Placing the resistance cord on the Bouncerciser, allows more movements exercising the upper body, and toning additional sets of muscle groups.

We also found that not everyone had a doorway that could accommodate stationary bar in the overhead system, so we developed the wall mount unit. This unit is safe, versatile and not a bad looking piece of functional art to put on your wall.

The US Patent Office has seen fit to grant me two patents on this system, along with several others pending.

Complete Fitness System in Your Own Home

Many people don’t keep exercise equipment at home because they don’t want to use the space. We have space in our home dedicated to eating, sleeping, bathing – why not have a space for health? The Freedom Spring requires very little space, and is easy to store!

Show Me The Proof That The Freedom Spring is
Safe, Easy, Fun, and Will Directly Benefit Me!

The best way to show you the proof that the Freedom Spring is safe, effective, and will bring you amazing benefits, is to let you take a peek at some of the rave reviews we've received from people just like you who cannot imagine life without the Freedom Spring!

"I’m 43 years old, and I have three children. For the last ten months, I have been using the Freedom Spring System, and I’ve lost 70 pounds. It’s the healthiest approach I have ever taken to weight loss. I’ve battled my weight all my life, weighing anywhere from 140 pounds to 250 pounds. The Freedom Spring System is so much fun to use, and that’s partially why I’ve lost all that weight. I want to work out on it. It’s like a dance party. I put on some music, and just have a lot of fun with it. Physically, it's the best I have felt in years. My body says, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.'" Dori Friedland

Click to listen to Dori's testimonial

"I’m 84 years old, and I can’t tell how much I enjoy the Freedom Spring. I’ve exercised most of my life, but this is such fun, such fun. This equipment is in one place, and you can’t help but love doing it. I had a recent problem with my inner ear and lost my balance completely. This has helped me in two months to regain my balance. I can walk now. I don’t fall down. And again - it uses all my muscles everywhere. And again – fun. Fun, fun, fun. I recommend it to everybody." ELINOR


Click to listen to Elinor's testimonial

"I’ve never perspired, like never. And, I had a stroke. Let me tell you that I am able to get on the Freedom Spring and actually get my heart rate up. That’s the first experience that I’ve had since I had the stroke (16 years ago) of being able to do some kind of exercise that would get my heart rate up and hopefully lose inches and pounds, or whatever. It’s easy for me to get on it, even though I have a disability – you know I have a left-sided paralysis. I can’t walk fast enough, you see, because of my disability. I am unable to walk fast enough to bring any kind of perspiration or whatever. Forget it. I am just unable to."


Click to listen to Norma

“The Freedom Spring is very easy to use, even for a 92-year-old. I enjoy using it several times each day. It has helped me to keep nimble and spry, as it’s a great tool for us elderly as we approach old age.”
Everett G., Age 92

Click to listen to Everett

"I feel a lot of tension in my shoulder and in my back, and I was thinking about joining a gym, but I don’t have enough time to do that. I can come
home and just get on it, work with it, and I can feel very good after.

Even five minutes on it, I can feel the tension is released from my shoulder and my back. It is very easy to work with."

FARAH (Age 29)

Click to listen to Farah

EMMA: "I’m fifteen years old, and I’m a dancer, and I have danced for about four years. I try and dance every day. I started using the Freedom Spring because I had chronic knee pains. The Freedom Spring has helped me to become more flexible and strengthen my upper body, and it also has helped strengthen the area around my knees, so I am able to dance more now."

Click to listen to Emma

DENISE (Emma's Mom): "I had melanoma surgery on the bottom of my foot, and it wasn’t healing. I had been on crutches about a month. I was in excruciating pain, and I decided to try the Freedom Spring. And within a week, I was feeling better, my foot had started to heal, my upper body was able to get some more strength. And within two weeks, I was able to start walking again. I was thrilled with it."

Click to listen to Denise

RANDY (Emma's Dad): "I don’t like to exercise at all. And I noticed that Emma and Denise were both having really good results with it, so I started to do it because I had some problem with my shoulder and I also started to get some problem around the middle, a little gut. And it really helped a lot, and I really now enjoy using the Freedom Spring."

Click to listen to Randy

What do I get when I order the Freedom Spring?

The Freedom Spring System consists of a specially engineered, trapezoidal Freedom Spring Bouncerciser with the original Freedom Spring Overhead Resistance System. The overhead system includes an easy-to-install stationary bar that fits in any conventional doorway. It also includes the Freedom Bar that attaches to the stationary bar with adjustable straps. Plus, three pairs of resistance cords of varying strengths are included. The resistance cords may be attached to the stationary bar, the Freedom Bar or to the Freedom Spring rebounder. The resistance system may be set up to accommodate your individual needs.

The Freedom Spring System Includes:

Trapezoidal-Shaped Bouncerciser

  • 40" x 40" x 39" x 31"
  • 11 inches high
  • 32 pounds
  • 42 Springs, specially designed for a cushioned bounce
  • Leatheroid, fitted spring cover
  • Mat with double reinforced trim
  • Collapsible legs - spring loaded
  • Rubber Floor protectors on each leg
  • Folding Model: Dimensions when folded: 20.5" x 39" x 4"

Overhead Resistance System:


Stationary Bar, expands to a 25" to 40" doorway. Cradles are screwed into the doorway that hold the stationary bar. Cradles have three holes for screws and adhesive for more reinforcement and to aid in proper installation.

The Freedom Spring System Includes the Doorway Mount PLUS:

  • Freedom Bar: 23" long, steel, cushioned hand grips
  • Adjustable nylon straps with two buckles on each strap. Expands from 8 in. to 22 in.
  • Three sets of resistance cords with hand grips: Light, Medium, Heavy - all 25" long, from the clamp to clamp, not including the hand grip
  • Three rubber-coated rings that hold the Freedom Bar and attachments
  • Fourth metal ring (uncoated) holds the instruction card
  • Owners Manual - 24 pages
  • Hanging Instruction Card, 5" x 10", double-sided


(FOR MORE INSTALLATION OPTIONS, THE FREEDOM SPRING MAY ALSO BE INSTALLED ON A WALL. Your Freedom Spring System will arrive with a doorway system. If you want both, the Wall Mount is available at an additional charge.)


  • Single-Piece Chrome Wall Mount with Trapezoid Plate (8"x9") and Stationary Bar (16" wide)
  • Two Bolts with Matching Bolt Caps
  • Mounts on a single wall stud




So, let's get you started on your proactive road to Health in Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Sincerely Yours, In a Better Way to Health,

James E. Rota, DDS
Founder and Developer of the Freedom Spring System &
American Bio-Compatible Health Systems, Inc.


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