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Changing My Life One Bounce at a Time

By Dori Friedland

Within one minute of Bouncercising for the first time, I knew there was something to it. Since then, my approach to losing weight and getting into shape would never resemble anything I had done before.

I am one of those women that has to work very hard to drop even one pound and then hope it doesn’t come back on before I lose the next pound. Fortunately, I have managed to drop 70 pounds since I started Bouncercising. Since I was 16 years old, I have weighed anywhere from 140 pounds to 250 pounds, usually on the high end of that range. All of my life I have been told I have a pretty face. We all know what that means.


Exercise, to me, was something that I knew would be a good thing to do, and when I joined a club or bought a home gym, I had the best of intentions. Don’t we all? Then I would get myself into the “zone” or on a mission, which was a period of time that I would define as doing all the right things and dropping 50 to 75 pounds. Then for one reason or another, I would step outside that boundary of the “zone,” hoping to someday soon get back in before all the weight came back.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? After having been to all the weight loss programs, watching Oprah, etc., I know I am not alone in this.

No Pain, No Gain - If I Hear that One More Time . . .

I always thought that if I could really enjoy exercising, then I would make it part of my life. But what has really been available to people like me? I didn’t like the gym for lots of reasons. First of all, it’s a very intimidating place for chubbies like me. I certainly didn’t feel a sense of belonging. I would just tolerate feeling like an outsider. I also didn’t like going on machines, shifting weights, and oh, the pain – before, during, and after. The thought of using those machines and bikes is painful, using them is more painful, and the burn afterward for days is unforgettable. Why is that my body has to recover from doing something that is supposed to be good for it?

Okay, then when I finished the grueling machine circuit, I still had to go aerobics class. Who has time for all this? I didn’t even have kids then and I couldn’t work that one out. One day I got realistic and gave up on joining gyms. So I bought one of those infomercial home gyms. Well, it only took me about five uses before that thing ever came outside of my closet again. There is something about the human response to pain. Is it really true that pain and discomfort are necessary to achieve a healthy body?

What if I could exercise, enjoy it, save time, experience no pain, do it at home, lose weight, and build my health all at once? Was I asking for too much? I wouldn’t call that exercise, I would call that a miracle. Today that miracle is called Bouncercise. Exercise, as I had known it, no longer exists – not for me, anyway. I would like to share with you how Bouncercise works for someone like me.

My Gym Membership Died, But I Went to Exercise Heaven

In that first minute of the first time I Bouncercised, I knew there was something to this because in that minute I had achieved an aerobic state. Plus, that was while I was performing an exercise that worked on my biceps, abdominals, and many more muscles. And even better, I was smiling. I was actually having fun. Never before had I used the words “fun” and “exercise” in the same sentence. So I started a new era in my life – perpetual improvement of my body, diet, and spirit.

Bouncercise feels good on many levels. I have never experienced any pain during or after the workout. This is just a matter of physiology. As I bounce, the lactic acid that builds up in my muscles is being carried away by the lymphatic system. After only a few minutes of bouncing, my lymph flow increases up to fifteen times. My body doesn’t have to recover from Bouncercise. I was once asked to do several sessions of demonstrating Bouncercise, which involved almost constant Bouncercising over a five-hour period. I thought to myself, “As much as I believe in Bouncercise, I know I am going to wake up sore tomorrow.” Well, the next morning, I woke up experiencing NO soreness and had never felt so flexible and energized and was ready for more.


The rhythmic movement of Bouncercise has a positive effect on me. While I am moving up and down, it makes me feel good physically and mentally. It puts me in a place where I am receptive to clear and creative thinking. Some of my best ideas have come while I am Bouncercising. Scientists call this the “Eureka Effect” of rhythmic brain patterns.

My body also starts feeling energized in what I call a “feel good” way. It’s like my body is saying to me, “Thanks, that’s just what I needed.” The energized feeling that I speak of is not like a rush, it’s more on a primal or cellular level. I get this instinctual feeling that I am doing something very good for myself. If for some reason I don’t Bouncercise for a couple days, my body starts to miss it. I have never missed doing the workouts at a gym.

This rhythmic movement in a vertical fashion also takes advantage of the available forces involved with gravity. When I bounce while pulling on a resistance cord, the muscles are experiencing not only the work of pulling the cord, but the added effect of gravity multiplies the result. For example, if I pull the resistance cord with ten pounds of pressure and I am jumping six inches off the mat, it is equivalent to my using fifteen pounds of weights – without the soreness. It is also working the large and small muscle groups of that movement, not just that muscle being used to pull. All of my muscles are experiencing the forces of the Bouncercise movement.

Oh, and by the way, during that resistance cord pull while bouncing, I have just exercised all 70 trillion cells in my body. The gentle bouncing of my body puts a positive stress on all the cells and results in a strengthening of the cell wall. Being one of those superwomen that is not really happy unless I am doing at least two things at once, I find this aspect extremely appealing. Now I really can do it all! In one Bouncercise movement, I am getting aerobic, muscle toning, and strengthening and cleansing every cell in my body. This is a super hero’s dream come true!

I also enjoy the stability of Bouncercise. You would never have seen me on a rebounder before Bouncercise – for two reasons. First of all, rebounding itself is boring. After about five minutes during the second workout, I would be desperately trying to convince myself that this was not boring. Also, when someone is 250 pounds, the thought of bouncing and not having my feet in touch with the planet Earth was quite distressing. I knew I was in for an embarrassing fall or the uncomfortable feeling of being unstable. With Bouncercise, I can experience all the marvelous benefits of rebounding with the stability of a functional bar or resistance cords.

If I Could Grant You Three Wishes . . .

After having said all this, I would be lying to you if I told you that Bouncercise is the only thing I did to lose 70 pounds. I believe there are three components to achieving optimal health, including weight loss: Body, Diet, and Spirit. The “Body” consists of exercise and rest. “Diet” is what you put in your body, including supplements. “Spirit” is the expression of emotion, personal growth, and positive thought and interaction. When all of these three elements are in a good place, then weight loss is at its best potential. The problem is those conditions don’t always exist simultaneously.

But here is something extremely important that I want to disclose to every person who shares my struggle: Even if I am not in the “zone” - making food decisions that do not encourage weight loss or I am in a difficult place emotionally - Bouncercising is still a good thing to do. Even if I decide to never lose the rest of my weight (of which I still have about 30 pounds to go), Bouncercising is good for my body and health. It takes an active part in removing toxins in my body, strengthening my cells, and putting my heart in an aerobic state. If I choose not to lose weight, I still want to put oxygen into my system with Bouncercise. I am not a medical person, but I was once told that disease cannot live in oxygen.

Even when I hit a plateau, I still see my body changing and achieving better health. I am one of those people whose body will quickly adapt to the diet aspect of weight loss regimens. I find that after about ten pounds of weight loss, I need to change my approach and move onto another way of eating. But the constant is Bouncercise, because it will release the toxins that cause my body to hold water and fat to protect itself. The healthiest approach to weight loss is detoxification.

Just A Good Thing To Do

I developed chronic knee pains over the years because of my yo-yo obesity. On the few occasions that I did not Bouncercise for four or five days, those knee pains returned as I would walk up or down stairs. The knee pains immediately disappeared even after only a ten-minute Bouncercise session. I have found that performing simple stretches while doing a gentle bouncing is an extremely effective method of massaging my body. If I have neck and shoulder strain from working on the computer, I gently bounce with my arms extended while holding the resistance cords. The stress on my shoulders just melts away. Also, when I am having lower pack pain from my menstrual cycle, a gentle bounce while bending over and holding the bar provides remarkable relief.

When I perform my Bouncercise routine, I chose to do either a 15 or 25-minute workout. Oftentimes, I will get on the Bouncerciser just to do some gentle bouncing and stretches. Even just a few minutes of gentle bouncing is health building. On days that I feel discomfort from indigestion, I bounce and stretch for a few minutes on the Freedom Spring and immediately feel relief, often followed by a much-needed trip to the bathroom.

I enjoy Bouncercising to music. It makes my workout go very fast, and it is like a dance party. I have often had flashbacks while Bouncercising of jumping on my mom and dad’s bed with my younger brother, when I had not a care in the world. It has been a gift to recapture that feeling for a moment.

Bouncercise is the real thing. This is no gimmick. All the medical and physiological validity is there. It is a good thing to do. Oh, and it’s fun!

Dori Friedland

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